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The Oracle 

The Oracle wrap braclelet is one of the designs we are most excited about. So unique and fine with that urban vibe we love so much. Hand knotted using natural vibrant and long lasting jewelry Flax thread with deep gold plated elements, meaning they have a thicker layer of gold promising that your bracelet will stay nice and shinny !

The bracelet is adjustable 15.5cm to 18.5cm circumfrance (6.1-7.3Inches) and is a good fit for arms ranging from 14cm - 18.2cm (5.5-7 Inches). If you have larger or smaller arm circumference we can custom fit the bracelet to your need just let us know what you need.

All Freebird products are handcrafted by village women in the developing world, and all proceeds go toward supporting their way of life while providing more and more women a dignified and fair means of earning a living. This store is part of our "From the Village to Your Door" campaign which allows you to take an active roll by supporting Fair Trade directly.